Join our Chemical Recycling Network

Connect and support

Members of the Network can participate in network and knowledge events to inform themselves about the latest developments, to exchange experiences and to suggest issues that should be addressed jointly. Examples include permits, financing, insurance, product standardization, value chain optimization, consortium formation and market analyses. Our business development managers coordinate and initiate these activities and add their expertise. The initiation of subsidy projects and lobbying is also part of the membership offerings of the Network Chemical Recycling.

Marcel van Berkel: “In this way, the network wants to promote and accelerate the development of pyrolysis technology and other forms of chemical recycling in the region. After all, it is very important for circular economy. It is an end-of-life solution for problematic plastics that can otherwise only be incinerated or landfilled. The technology is therefore in the spotlight and is developing strongly.”
Joop Groen: ” With our expertise and network, we want to play a catalysing role in the development and scaling up of successful chemical recycling technologies. The goal of the network is to realise economic growth, circularity and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Offer for members

With the membership Network Chemical Recycling, we offer the following annually:

-Various networking and matchmaking events to address common challenges:

  • Lobbying, regulation & standards
  • Product ‘standardization’
  • Uniform waste streams
  • Value chain optimization,
  • Funding
  • And any others we may determine together

– Initiation and/or leadership in grant projects of common challenges,

– Market analysis, technical & economic analysis (benchmark ranking),

– News service,

– Support with LCA,

– Access CBBD expert team for advice/client board.

Costs for organization are borne by the members of the network. Membership fee is dependent on ability to pay, per calendar year.