Biorizon Lignin Application Center

For companies that would like to introduce lignin-derived chemicals into their biobased products, Biorizon launches its Biorizon Lignin Application Center. The aim: to develop valorization routes for lignin and to create materials such as resins and composites that outperform their fossil-based counterparts.

Performance attributes, designed by nature

By building on the natural features of the lignin-derived bio-aromatics, Biorizon aims to design products that aren’t possible to manufacture from petrochemical resources. These bio-products will actually outperform their fossil-based counterparts in attributes like toughness, light weightless, flame retardancy and anti-microbial resistance. Furthermore we aim to find biobased alternatives for toxic aromatic compounds. In short: we want to contribute to a more sustainable world, because products containing lignin-derived aromatics will have a lower carbon footprint and less environmental impact.

Contactpersoon: Roel Vleeschouwers