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Microwave Energy Applications Management

Everybody is using microwave-technology at home in the kitchen because it is very fast and very energy efficient.

Fast and efficiency in energy transfer, it is very attractive to have a look where and how to implement microwave technology on industrial scale. An additional argument is that there is no CO2 emission in such a process. It is s very eco-friendly, because it’s purely electrical driven. MEAM is a solution provider for implementing microwave technology on industrial scale.

At the Green Chemistry Campus, this Belgian based company has established an expert centre for training and experiments with their microwave technology. Organizations and people who want to learn and to discover more about the technology, with strategic focus to feed/food market, recycling industry and drying/curing coating technology, are very welcome there. Actually, MEAM also participates in several European based research projects such as COSMIC and BnB (concrete recycling).

Several systems are already successfully installed. As an example, treatment for a biowaste-stream in a continuous process by a microwave tunnel dryer system. A slurry stream of 600 kg/hr, 85% water saturated can be dried towards 100% dry material by 16 magnetrons of 2kW each (32kW in total). Important in this process was that the drying temperature was not exceeding 100°C.

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