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Rodenburg Biopolymers

Co-creation is our strength. We supply raw materials, but most importantly we partner-up and create product solutions over the whole product chain. From production to consumption and onto disposal.

We offer biobased and biodegradable polymers to substitute petroleum-based plastic applications. Our products are honest and sustainable; based on second generation potato starch. The portfolio consists of full compounds, pre-compounds and masterbatches. And we provide tailor made products to provide solutions that meet demand.


Our compounds can be used with most common manufacturing techniques. We have R&D in-house and are at the front of bioplastic technology. We team up and provide high-tech, tailor-made assistance during the whole manufacturing process, to assure best results at the end of each value chain.

Our aim is to realize socially and environmentally responsible projects in order to have a sustainable business impact. In order to do so, we work together with our partners over the whole product chain; from raw materials to production, from consumption onto disposal. While building partnerships, we build on our responsibility to deliver successful projects to the end. The co-creation pays of: Our joint projects are setting industry standards for responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Contact us for more information: we would be happy to think along.