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Pyrolysis technologies will become the key technology to turn biomass waste into value.

Bring pyrolysis technologies to the owners of biomass waste and enable them to convert it into more valuable products for the world.


Nettenergy BV started in 2006. We focus on developing pyrolysis technology and building mobile installations to convert biomass into materials, chemicals and energy.
From 2006 till 2010 we did research and development in our own flash pyrolysis technology of biomass to arrive at a better quality oil and compact plant design.
In 2011 our pyrolysis technology had matured and we went ‘public’ and announced our new technology: PyroFlash. From then additional pyrolysis technologies were developed and commercialisation of pyrolysis products and installations commenced.


The pyrolysis technology of Nettenergy is obtained from our own research and development activities. There is no collaboration with universities or other companies in this domain.
For the pyrolysis products, there is active collaboration with third parties and universities to develop derived products and applications of these products.
Nettenergy has its own research and test facilities and uses rigorous simulation software for its design.

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