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Electron is a Dutch family-owned business active in the manufacturing industry. Founded in 1988, the company has grown into a unique global player and market leader in heat, process and metal technology. With our innovative and creative solutions we are able to improve the processes and products of our customers in Heating, Surface and Environmental technologies. Our employees are always looking for the latest innovations to come up with smart solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We design, produce, supply and support all possible solutions related to high temperature materials, heating elements, fan heaters, ovens and thermal process installations and manufacture complex, high-quality finished stainless steel products. We do this for a variety of leading laboratories, universities and renowned international companies in the industrial sector.

Within this technological and innovative environment, our people make the difference. Due to the unique combination of knowledge and experience in different disciplines and the enormous drive to arrive at new insights together, we are always able to come up with unique solutions for our clients.

A creative and inventive work environment requires resourceful employees. We are discoverers and do not allow ourselves to be limited by the existing status-quo, but think outside the box. In addition, we are eager to learn and continuously explore how we can improve our products and service. This allows us to actively respond to the needs of our customers.

We invest in development and innovation and look for solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We take the lead and always like to be one step ahead of the market.