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AgriBiota is a new Dutch startup that aims to improve farming soil and consequently crop health in a consistent, predictable and cost efficient way by improving the microbiology of the soil using smart agri- biotech and data based tech. Its founders are experienced entrepreneurs with a background in Microbiology, Economics and Software Engineering.

By 2050, the world’s food production has to be increased approximately by 70%  in order to catch up with the world’s population. In the last decades the majority of the arable land has already been used and further gaining of arable land can only lead to more rapid deforestation. Therefore, beneficial plant microbes offer a sustainable approach with minimal impact on the environment. AgriBiota aims to tackle problems like production costs, quality control, lack of consistent and reliable results in order to make beneficial microbes widely used in an intensive agricultural practices.

We Offer Soil microorganisms represent a key link between plants and soil mineral nutrients and growing interest as natural fertilizers. The beneficial microbes can improve sustainable agriculture and perform as a bio-fertilizer and plant’s ‘bio-stimulant’ which could potentially decrease the use of various agrochemicals.