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The Vanguard Bioeconomy Pilot

Hybrid meeting – open to online audience via MS Teams.

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This meeting is part of the Natural Fibertastic 2022 Event and made possible by the Circular Biobased Delta and Vanguard. Natural Fibertastic is a physical event and starts at 12:30 in Bergen op Zoom.

Program 10:00 – 11:30

This is a hybrid meeting, via MS Teams. Meaning: there will be presentations on site, online and an online audience. The physical location is Het Groot Arsenaal in Bergen op Zoom.

Vanguard Meeting
Welkom Willem Sederel
General update Vanguard Bioeconomy Pilot Ilaria Re
Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Democase Willem Sederel
Natural fibers development & application Rob Elias
Bioaromatics Democase Ludo Diels
Biomaterials (vega leather) Marizio Bettiga
Discussion with audience & wrap-up


About the Pilot

The innovative use of non-food biomass represents one of the most significant emerging industries at global level, as it can provide a significant contribution in tackling some of the most important contemporary challenges, e.g. climate change, increased sustainability, switch to renewable resources, re-industrialisation. Important initiatives and investments are quickly growing in this field but the market penetration of innovative bio-based products is still in its infancy and most resources are still allocated to face the challenges of scaling up production processes.

Activities & Long Term Goals

The Bioeconomy Pilot in Vanguard aims at supporting the deployment of high TRL technologies, through the setting up of transregional value chains in an industry-driven process, where public support comes into play to help bridging the valley of death. The pilot aims at indentifying critical challenges beyond the capabilities of a single region to team up skills, energies and resources that can make a difference in market terms.

Seven demo cases are currently under development, with a wide spectrum of approaches and topics, from large scale investment to extended networking of smaller infrastructures. Following the matchmaking event of February 2016, all demo cases have been working in order either to shape their ideas into a Vanguard- compatible approach or to condense different approaches in a single, common project. A Memorandum of Understanding with the Biobased Industry Consortium, representing the private side of the Bio Based Industry JTI, has been signed to develop common activities and the pilot has been positioned in order to take full advantage of different EC initiatives via both the Industrial Modernization platform and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.